You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Heveners Tire & Auto:

Great family run business, more personal than the brand driven alternatives!

M. Coor

Sister-in-law recommended Stevie and this place in general. Had a good experience here. Had a warning light come up on the dash of my car, and carried it here to get checked out. I paid the 90$ to get it tested because it was an airbag light. Turns out it was a problem with a part behind the steering wheel, so he quoted me for replacement and labor. I couldn't afford to pay that much for the new part, but his labor charge seemed very reasonable. So, I bought the part and made the repair myself, but apparently that light has to be reset by machine after the repair is done. I called again, and Stevie said he would reset it for free. Carried it up there one day after work, and 5 minutes later I headed out with no more airbag light. I was very happy with his service, and if I have to get other stuff worked on, I'll go there again.

Robbie W.

Stevie and his crew are great! They really take the time to talk to you about what issues they find with your car, and are upfront with how intense they think their labor charges will be for locating hard-to-find issues like vacuum seal breaks. Absolutely recommend them for just about any type of car & car issue you can imagine.

Brendan W.

Great place for car repairs. They provide reliable & trustworthy work at a fair price

S. Sferra